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Some of the feedback we have gotten from our clients

Sandra and Avi

Avi and I both wish to express our sincere thanks to you both for having the courage to build this wonderful house. We feel as though we are quickly turning it into a home, one that welcomes us each time we return to it or even go from one room to another. We’ve had a torrential winter, with a record number of high, wind and rain storms. It is with relief and appreciation that we nestle behind Nutmeg Home’s rebar reinforced and insulated 12 inch walls. A gust of wind and rain might whip the walls, but the only way we know it is by the sound of rain on our windows. Not only do we feel protected from the physical force of the storms, but from their disconcerting sounds. The ICF construction offers insulation that helps keep outside noise outside. But it is not only the ICF construction that provides us with a warm sense of physical comfort and security; it is Nutmeg Homes’ obvious care in the overall construction and detailing of the home. We have seldom seen a builder put so much thought and energy into the project…treating the home as if it was their own. Even after we moved into our new home (while some builders might have made themselves scarce) Nutmeg has been highly responsive to our questions and requests. We get the very clear sense that if we need something done, Nutmeg would be there for us immediately. We feel fortunate in our choice of builders."

Richard and Hanna

The longer we live in our house, the more we appreciate its’ design and comfort. As an allergy-sufferer, I particularly appreciate the fact that my health has improved dramatically even though we live in a much wetter climate here than in Ontario. We also appreciate the fact that our heating and air-conditioning bills are remarkably low for this size of house, which we attribute to the thickness of the solid concrete walls and the highly effective insulation. ""

Dave and Debbie

It’s amazing to realize that we’ve just celebrated the first anniversary of moving into our dream home here in the Comox Valley. It’s time that we acknowledge the outstanding work that you and your excellent sub-trade crews performed; especially considering that we just received the final and complete EnerGuide Energy Efficient Evaluation Report for our house. Although somewhat secondary to the quality of your work, this report provides us with a rating of 81. ‘Relatively few houses achieve a rating of 80 or higher, and those that do represent the most energy-efficient houses on the market’, according to Natural Resources Canada. Are we happy with our decision to choose an ICF built house, and Nutmeg Homes as our contractor? Without a questions – a thousand times “yes”! You have been a pleasure to work with, before, during and after completion. I would have absolutely no reservation in recommending you and Nutmeg Homes to anyone considering building a “better” home. Please feel free to use our house to show off the benefits of ICF, and your many talents. As a final note, the EnerGuide estimate of our annual energy consumption is 19328 kilowatt-hours. Our actual 365 day total was 18143. That’s a further $100 or so in our pockets."

Rod and Carol

Carol and myself purchased our Nutmeg home in May of 2010, we are the second owners of this home which was completed in February 2006. In January 2011 we noticed that we had a leaking problem around a skylight in the hallway. The previous owners of the home had left us all of the pertinent information including the National Home Warranty program. I contacted them who in turn gave me your name and telephone number. We then telephoned you to tell you of our problem and you very kindly came over the next day to “see for yourself” what was going on. I must say from that very first meeting you were very professional and said that you would take care of the problem. True to your word the necessary repairs were made, you followed up during and after the repair to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction. We are thoroughly enjoying our Nutmeg home and have absolutely no reservation in recommending you and your company to any prospective purchaser. Thank you again for your great customer satisfaction and a great home."