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ICF effect

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“ The synergy of higher R-value, virtually no air infiltration and the added thermal mass in ICF assemblies result in performance that simply can’t be duplicated with traditional framed assemblies. ”

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The “ICF Effect” on HVAC Design

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“ Walls built with ICFs can significantly reduce heating and cooling loads and affect HVAC equipment sizing. With ICF houses, the traditional HVAC sizing rule of thumb doesn’t work well, because it is based on assumptions of standard heating loads per square foot. ICFs fall outside of the norm. ”

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2 by 4 stud fired at different wall systems

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“ At 120 mph ICF walls are unharmed, other walls - not so safe. ”

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ICF Benefits

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“ Once a structure is built with ICF there is no comparison to typical frame or block construction. The ICF industry falls into a trap of comparing the benefits and features to typical frame construction, there are no true comparisons between the two. ”

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Energy Use ICF wall compared to wood stud walls

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“ A typical 2,450 square-foot single-family house design was modeled for energy consumption in twenty-five cities (25 ASHRAE zones) across the US and Canada. Due to the thermal mass of the concrete walls, houses with concrete walls had lower heating and cooling costs than houses with frame walls, ... ”

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List of ICF manufacturers

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“ ”

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The wood council compares ICF to wood. !! ??

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“ FROM PAGE 5 ... for a 2,400 sq. ft. single-family home built in the Toronto market over the first 20 years of its lifespan, the average lifespan being 70 years. AND AGAIN ON PAGE 16 ... we have set the effective R-value of the ICF equal to that of the wood envelope, which is in the upper half of the range for ICF systems. ”

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