placing concreteExterior walls – concrete and steel

As a general contracting company Nutmeg Homes likes to deal with clients who have some understanding of the building process. In fact our customers often have researched products or methods that we have adopted. So in the spirit of open source and sharing some of our experiences and knowledge we have put together an online “How We Build” section. This material is arranged into 5 chapters that outline the stages of construction typically followed by Nutmeg Homes.

This is of course only a simple overview. The complex science and art of house construction, like many endeavours depends in part on experience, knowledge and attitude.

A word of caution – this is not meant to be a ‘do it your self’ guide. An honest experienced general contractor will may save the potential DIY custom home owner money and time. The time part is obvious, the money part lies in dealing with pre-established reputable sub-contractors; pricing discounts with suppliers and trades; design and product advice; and of course time is money.

How We Build

Hope you will find this information useful, now lets find our “lot in life”…

Chapter One – Part 1 – The Lot