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Ok, if you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that at Nutmeg Homes, we have figured out that wood rots. So why is it still used? A bit of history first, in an area where there is lots of limestone – build with limestone, lots of clay make bricks, if sod is all you’ve got, build with sod. On Vancouver Island we had big trees – too big! It was only with the invention of the chain saw around 1900 that the giant fir trees on the coast of BC could be harvested, and harvested they were! Lumber was local, plentiful and cheap! Now 100 years later lumber (from much smaller trees) is still around, and with it’s short life span in the rainforest climate of Vancouver Island it is steady source of work for renovators and demolishers. In an exterior wall, somewhat protected from our ideal mold and rot moisture and temperature, the wood can last for many decades, but outside, and layed out flat, wood decks are major problem. Pressure treated wood helps, but we’ve seen mold growing on pressure treated wood in the lumberyard before it was even delivered. So – what is the solution?

Surface sealing a wood deck. Fiberglass, torch on vinyl membrane, concrete slab (must have sealed membrane base).

Covered Wood deck – Then surface seal.

Raised Earth Wall deck – With a decorative concrete surface and proper drainage, could last as long as an ICF wall!

Grade Level Concrete Paver/Placed deck – The perfect solution! (Make sure the base is properly prepared)

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Simulated Wood deck – If only the wood look will do this is the way to go.

ICF deck – On a second story application this is the answer.

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