Kitchen – The heart of a Home

The heart of a home. As a house designer, Paul, the owner of Nutmeg Homes, feels the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. This may be because Paul is a ticketed chef, has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (Ryerson), and taught restaurant management for 4 year at MSV University in Nova Scotia. “Lots of room to work, lots of counter space, and still tight enough to be efficient” is goal. But a residential kitchen is not only a food preparation area, it is also a social gathering space, a family hub, and a visual component. “I’m not your average designer/builder”, says Paul, “The heart of a home is not the garage or workshop, it’s the kitchen. Cooking, doing dishes, serving meals and social dining is one life’s pleasures (well maybe not doing dishes!)’”

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Chapter 4 – Part 2 – The Bathrooms