Living On the Net

A net zero energy stucture or community is great! How to get there? One step at a time.


 Wiring is simple and fast

The Building and Electrical codes specify the minimum level of wiring in a residential home. Of course this is the starting point for Nutmeg Homes. Our electrician – Rick is given somewhat of a free reign in wiring our homes. Light switch placement follows the rule “no going back” – that is as one moves through the home light switches are placed so you don’t have to back track to turn off a light you turned on when entering an area. Wall plugs are located with furniture placement in mind. Future wiring for hot tubs, additional crawl space plugs, optional kitchen sink garberator (plug and switch – but please compost kitchen waste – those worms will love you) are typically standard.

 Light from 5 sources

Lighting is a serious issue for Nutmeg Homes. The number one light source is natural light. Then controlled levels of lighting for evening and night time. This pictured example of lighting the stove area illustrates some of the lighting practises we employ. In our spec homes we tend towards simple lighting – pot lights are frequently used. Pot lights, properly done are not less expensive than ceiling lights, but they can provide a better level of light control, no dust or bugs, little or no cleaning and they do what lights should do – provide light. Ceiling and display lights (ie. chandeliers) are used sparingly and tastefully. An elegant, simple, timeless decorating/finishing philosophy is our prefered style.

This is one of our typical spec homes, not an owner-customized home – just our basic standard. We try to do it right the first time. Warm, Solid, Quiet, Superior.


 Sink with a View

At Nutmeg Homes, the owner alway tries to follow his mother’s rule – “The kitchen sink must have a view.” Other than that the plumbing is pretty straight forward. Some standard features for Nutmeg Homes are extra high toilets, elegant high quality taps and fixtures, large tubs – 6 feet when possible, stainless steel laundry sink in cabinet, slow close high quality toilet seats and so on. There are very few upgrades possible in a standard Nutmeg Home. We try to get it right the first time.

 Simple Elegant Fixtures

A recent improvement in our standard building package is the addition of an instant on hot water system. This involves a pressure pump on the hot water tank and a temperature sensor on the far end of the hot water line. When the hot water in the line cools, the sensor opens, the warm water returns to the tank, and hot water takes it’s place. The system is set by a simple programmable timer to operate to the occupants’ schedule. As a bonus, the system saves energy and water.

Natural Gas or Propane

All we have mentioned so far is infloor radiant hydronic heat, why?? Find out …

Chapter Three – Part 3 – Heating