Crenelated window opening

Because the wall system we use is 11 3/4 inches deep there are many architectural and design choices available for openings – door and window. One of our own unique opening treatments is to flare or crenelate the opening (like in a castle window to allow archers a wide angle of fire). Drywall return – as in no trim, although more difficult to construct, emphasizes the view, where appropriate. If the view corridor does not exist or privacy is desired then a square return may be chosen.

Architectural rating: able to withstand heavy use, this window achieves a grade 70 rating (a rating often associated with resisting winds in excess of 130 mph) even when made in the large 3′ × 5′ “architectural” size. The rating signifies that the windows passed a battery of 2,500 cycles of opening, closing and locking, “misuse” torsion and loading, and subsequent retesting to prove continued air and water infiltration resistance.

Verade Windows – using European Components.


 45 degree stubbed return

This doorway features two full side lites, an over head transom lite and snubbed 45 degree corners. As you may note, the door swings outward. This allows more interior space use. The security factor improves with out-swing doors as they can not be forced open by outside pressure (ie kicked in). Consider the problem of rain and wind on an outswing door – the harder the wind blows, the tighter the door seals! At Nutmeg Homes we also like insulated fiberglass doors.

 Flare window opening wood sill

We are often asked how hard it is to wire and plumb an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) house, it’s easy …

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